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imagesThe reason I have stopped visiting some of my relatives and friends is because I am always asked when I will get married. In my defense I always say that I haven’t found the right partner even though it will be an outright lie. What other option do I have? I always ask them why they think I should get married and they say I am old enough and I have a stable income.

My question now is for one to be considered ready for marriage what are the prerequisite? If age is considered what is the right age? Or is a stable income one of the requirements? Let us not forget we have unemployed happily married people. We also have teenage marriages and they are enjoying their marriages. I am a firm believer in getting married when one feels he or she is ready. Just because you are 28 doesn’t mean you should get married or being employed is a passport for one to get married. The reason why I think most marriages are dying prematurely is because people get married for the wrong reasons. We still somehow have that third world mentality that just because I am a successful accountant I should get married. Yes, to some extent you are right you should consider getting married but remember my friend marriage is not an achievement but rather a process whereby we have to go through. Because of that mentality we end up choosing the wrong partners add that to marrying for the wrong reason complete disaster.

If you are young and ambitious I believe it wise to follow your dreams first because the moment you tie the note balancing your goals and married life is going to be hectic for you. Not only will you regret getting married you might end up losing both. I believe marriage is for people who are done with chasing dreams. Maybe you have achieved your goals or not but you are done going after those things you desire then you can consider getting yourself a partner. Your sole purpose now is to serve your partner.

imagesRemember guys we only live once and the time we spent single is by far less than the time we are going to spend with a partner so my appeal to those who are not yet in the marriage net don’t get pressured into marriage because all your friends are married or someone close to you feel you are ready. Marry for the right reason and chose the right partner. Someone you will not want to change for another partner if you wake up rich. Let us make sure our marriages don’t die prematurely.

Just a rootsman thinking out loud. Thank you for your time till next time ciao………..

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