Stretching the truth or lying?

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thIt’s hard to decipher nowadays whether or not the truth is the truth. People have become so accustomed to telling a story and slanting the facts so that the listener will share their opinion – that you don’t know what to believe. And each time the story is told – the details keep changing. after a while, the credibility of the person exaggerating loses all credibility and you train yourself to listen to that person knowing you are hearing an edited version of the  whole truth.
thySadly a person who exaggerates the truth not only tarnishes their reputation but they are not person with integrity. Even more important “stretching the truth” is the same thing as lying in the God’s eyes and the community. Do not lie “stretch the truth”. Being honest, trustworthy and a person of integrity is critically important. if our goal is to build a better world we must not “stretch the truth”, but rather practice honesty in everything that we do.
L:ets enjoy an honesty festive season and star 2018 as good and honest citizens. Till next time….

No matter how tempted you might be to stretch the truth, it’s still a lie. Honesty and truthfulness should always prevail

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