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The world is changing way too fast and so many people are ending up locked in the machine of the strong and shrewd. Risking becoming a player hater I cant help it somehow it becomes a concern when the system is imprisoning a lot of innocent and unaware souls. So many people have unknowingly and unwillingly become slaves of the needlessly complex social, economic and political systems.
However the worrying thing is the ignorance and unwillingness to redeem self that characterizes the new slaves. There is no way you can free a willing slave. Imagine if the Israelites didn’t want to leave Egypt Moses would have been one of the greatest failures of all time. The most important thing on the Israelites exodus is their willingness to follow Moses out of Egypt.
Zimbabwe Here we are still in the mix, the dust yet to settle everyone yet to find themselves. Mugabe gone Mnangagwa in still I see no changes. Much that once was is, only non lives who clearly remembers it. Without taking anything away from Zimbabweans am glad to have been an eye witness of the Human dragon unleashed on the 18th of November 2017 to bring an end to an Era of madness.
2018 here we are now whats next? Was the driver drunk or the bus was long broken only to use momentum to keep moving? God will only send Moses to a prepared generation. Its time we once again refill the food busket of Africa. No one but ourselves can free our great nation.

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