Cyber Threats And Our Governments

Published by Freeman Phiri on

How safe are African governments from external influence given the rise of cyber threats? What can our government do to prevent being subject to external manipulation given that most of our information assets are gradually transiting online? Should we take investment in cyber security too seriously or should we simply keep government in traditional pen and paper mode for a while? The innocence of Africa states as far as cybersecurity is concerned could usher in a new form of colonisation.

Just read a story that the US chief of staff John Kelly had his phone hacked for months. At least they got to know. How about us here, does even the president or any of his close staff have encrypted communications? Or perhaps those are things that other big countries should worry about, we can have any spy with enough tech skills spying on us.
Obviously our national intelligence agency and the military have some form of reserved bandwidth for communication and external contractors where they buy some specialised communications equipment. But my question is are we in control here? Most of this modern equipment is somehow wired to internet for support and connectivity.
What’s your take?

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