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As free willed as we can be, with as much godly powers as bestowed upon us by the Most High, no-one has the power to choose when and where to be born. However, the fortunate thing is we can choose how we spend the little time spaced between birth and death. Much can be said and written but if men do not decide to act accordingly words are nothing but just words. Africa was tamed a dark continent not because light never shone but rather because man chose to be blind and live in darkness. The answer to the Zimbabwean question and problems lies nowhere except in we the Zimbabwean citizens.

Socrates once said an unexamined life is not worth leading. We were taught but we never learnt, at the very least we have become so perplexed with the mechanics forgetting the dynamics of every endeavour that we so find ourselves engaged in.
Politics has so polarised us yet the reason for it is to find common ground and co-exist to ease the burden of survival. A simple definition of politics is the system to determine who gets what, where and when. However, our system has become corrupt a few have perverted the whole system at the expense of the parochial masses who are not willing to get their heads out of the sand.
“You cannot solve a problem using the same mentality that you used when you got into trouble” to quote Albert Einstein. Corruption, cowardice and greed has become so embroiled in our moral fiber that we can even consider registering it as our national trademark. It takes two to fight, if one of the conflicting parties take flight there won’t be a strife to talk about. We all got sucked into an evil practice that saw untold suffering for almost two decades. Instead of focusing on the How do we get out everyone still is stuck up in trying to answer the how and why did we get here. Willingly and or unwillingly we all contributed to the downfall of this country and as such we all need to meet in different circles and clean up the mess. “iwe neni tine basa”

There are two kinds of people, those who just find themselves wet and those who feel the rain falling. We can’t continue just finding ourselves all socked up it’s time we feel the rain falling. The president and government can do so much but the rest lies in us the people. All that much we admire of the first world countries came as a result of them all wanting things done.

It’s time we let the spirit of Moses take us to a better land, not in England,not in South Africa but our motherland Zimbabwe. Here lie our forefathers, here they sang and danced with the spirit of Nehanda. Let’s rebuild the Great Zimbabwe, let’s refill the food basket of Africa.
On a lighter not I am not a politician nor am I a sociologist. Just a random thinker thinking out loud.

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