Stop Surviving and Start Living- "Live life now"

Published by Freeman Phiri on

Some people live in the past – always looking back at what ‘used to be,’ or wishing they could relive past experiences, either to correct their mistakes or just re-experience wonderful memories. Then there are those who live in the future – deciding that when they get the perfect job, find a spouse, have a baby, buy a house, or make a million dollars – ‘then’ . . . they will be happy! Waiting for happiness based on some milestone you want to accomplish in the future – will only make you miss out on all the joy that surrounds you “today.”
The best way to enjoy this journey here on earth is to live your life now – in the present – deciding to live each day as it comes. Smell the roses, breathe in fresh air, take in the beauty all around you, and appreciate the many blessings God gives you every day! If you are constantly living in the past OR the future – you’ll miss out on everyday pleasures of life that only God can give.
God wants you to live as if each day was your last – but plan for the future! There’s a big difference between ‘waiting for the future’ and ‘planning for the future.’ Live life . . .now – ‘in the present’

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