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Now there were four lepers seated at the doorway into the town: and they said to one another, Why are we waiting here for death? (2Kin 7:3)

A severe famine had hit the land because the Syrian army had mounted a serious siege on Samaria. There was very little food and it was so expensive that people had started cannibalism.

There was apparently no source of help nor was there a solution to the situation, death was the only possible outcome. The king was helpless, he could only look after himself and he had buried his head in the sand.

When the king could no longer distance himself from what was going on in the land, he began the blame game because he had no answers. The king chose to blame Elisha and decided that killing Elisha was somehow what the situation they were in demanded.

What the king did was a typical reaction of someone who is surrounded by seemingly insurmountable challenges and inescapable situations. To mentally and emotionally cope with what is going on, we enter into denial convincing ourselves that reality isn’t real!

When denial fails us, we enter the blame phase where it is our parents’ fault, the environment, the economy, the gvt etc. We become experts in what everyone else should have done or should be doing.

The problem with denial and the blame game is that it does not actually provide a fruitful way forward. At best they may provide temporary emotional and mental relief but they don’t stop the problem nor change the conditions causing distress.

Elisha refused to get drawn into the blame game with the king and he refused to get caught up in dissecting the problem. Elisha was a solution oriented person and he connected with God on that level and unsurprisingly, God put a solution in his mouth.

Elisha prophesied a twenty four hour turn around and it came to pass. The prophetic word Elisha released exposed the fact that if we choose to believe we have no options, things will crumble and die but if we believe there is always an option, God will prosper us.

When the king’s top adviser heard the prophecy of a twenty four hour turnaround, he immediately said that even God did not have any options of making the prophecy come to pass. His blindness cost him his breakthrough.

The four lepers had a different response once the prophecy was released into the atmosphere. From being people who believed they were boxed in by rules governing lepers and the vicious enemy that surrounded them, they realised that their destiny was in their own hands, they had options!

From staring at certain death because they believed they didn’t have options, the lepers began to move in the right direction. Freedom and prosperity manifested in their lives because they realised that they were never meant to walk in a victim mentality pitying themselves.

No matter how boxed in we are, we always have options. The world may say it’s too late, we missed the boat or things are beyond repair but our God says something different!

May you realise that God will not agree with your circumstances nor will He agree with doom and gloom scenarios. May you remember that He is the God of the impossible and has plenty of options available to restore and prosper you.


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