The power of words

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“Let there be light”

Genesis 1

Words have power to build or destroy. The World came into existence because of the power of Words. People constantly underestimate the power of words. Many homes have been broken down because of words. Therefore one should never underestimate the impact of words into our lives. They can build or break our future. It is strongly believed that we are great prophets upon our lives because when we breathe positive words on our family, career, relationships we will surely become successful. Sometimes it is not enough to wait for situations to change one should have the “confidence of going before the thrown of the Lord boldly and ask for the granting of blessings”

In the book of Genesis 32:22-23
But Jacob said, “l will not let you go, unless you bless me.” It was through that fight with an Angel that all the descendents of Jacob were blessed. Sometimes in life we have to maintain a bold confidence and continuously plead with God to only say his word so that we get saved.Moses found favour in God’s eyes because Jacob had already pleaded for the Angel to bless him and the favour extended to his descendants. lf we use positive words we attain great victories. Exodus 33:12-16, “if your presence does not go with us do not make us leave this place.” And God assured Moses that he will journey with the Israelites till they conquer the Egyptians.

So instead of being bitter about the past, let’s instead use positive words to change our future.Instead of pulling each other down let us use positive words to build each other.

Words are capable of healing the body,mind and soul.The Centurion only knew that God’s word would heal his devout servant. Lastly, we have been given the right to pray directly to God. It is wiser to pray using positive words, to attain positive response and a greater outcome. In many incidents when Jesus was healing he only used a strong weapon—the word. A famous musician once said ,”the difference between man and animals is that man makes history and through words he automatically becomes the master of his destiny.,”

You can control your destiny through your words. Learn to speak positively.

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