Some people feel the rain, Others just get wet

Published by Freeman Phiri on

We do not grow when we are subjected to an easy and stable life, it is only through the hardships, battles and tough life situations that paves a way to our ultimate success. Strong people easily get over hard situations because they always see a positive result from a hopeless situation. lt has been a tested hypothesis that there is a “good” in every “bad” just like there is an element of “truth” in every “lie”. We grow when we realise that every battle brought to us should leave us stronger than before.

Indeed some feel the pain and rise from it, whilst others choose to complain and sulk without making any production. Worry not for wisdom is realising your weaknesses and turning away from them, choose to learn from your mistakes do not give up on yourself.

Feel the pain strongly so that you find strategic ways of dealing with it, running away from tough situations will only delay your growth, therefore face your fears, hold your head high, maintain confidence and master how to rise from these trying times.

Strength is drawn by constantly facing our weaknesses, it is a driving force to transform us for the better. Be the one who feel the rain not to just get wet. Draw meaning from every bad situation. Feel the pain so much that it makes you want to change.

Draw strength from within.
Choose to rise up!!!


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