Because his Grace is sufficient

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But the Bible says even though we may blow it everyday. God’s mercy is fresh for us every morning

Sometimes we are drawn to follow the desires of the flesh,and we tend to starve our spiritual life. We are in the world but not of the world therefore we should strive by all means to lean on the creator of the world so that we do not go out of his presence.
The love of things in the world drove the prodigal Son to a country far from his family,his friends and companions.His future was bleak ,he knew he was lost but although lost he knew who he belonged to. He knew of a Great Father who would accept and shower him with blessings without any conditions.

God loves us despite our wrong deeds,bad connections, wrong choices that we might have made.
He is always ready to shower us with his mercies for he says “come and let us reason together… l will make you clean”,just like the way the Prodigal Son was welcomed. Surely he does not consider our bad deeds for his grace is…

“And he said My Grace is sufficient for you “

He understands that we all make mistakes but he does not make a big deal out of it .He is full of compassion ,for he responded in the Gospels that if any one of you has not sinned let him be the first to throw a stone at this woman.” He is full of mercy,love and ready to offer comfort .

Therefore ,do not beat up yourself over the bad mistakes and choices that you might have done. Draw closer to him and he will draw closer to you. For he will make you strong in your weaknesses because through him we are more than conquerors.

I choose to Draw Closer to him because he is full of mercy.


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